Creative Designer


Client: SnapMD
Date: 2017 - 2018
Type: Web App / Mobile

Goal: I was brought on as a contract designer to pump new life and super ux into existing and outdated designs.

Challenge: The application is running on an old system which was 1. not properly set up 2.has limitations due to what it can handle 3. very extensive user structure based. What that meant is that we were not always able to implement the correct ux flow or offer the most clear solution because it would break/not play well with another part of the application. 

Surprise Challenge: User permissions based on pay structure/seats and their limitations.

Solutions: We were able to create user flows based on personas and research, we designed a dashboard that allowed users to get to what they needed in fewer clicks and showed them important info in one glance. We updated the main feature on the app, the video consultation, to more easily switch between the controls and tools available while minimizing the differences from the view while on a call or off.